Welcome to FuriousAlliance.com.

What does it mean to be furious? There are four definitions listed by Merriam Webster. The most common definition is related to extreme anger. Another definition is related to a turbulent nature. The definition I want this site to focus on is related to excitement, activity, rapidity and intense behavior. Some of the related words this site can focus on are concentrated, extravagant and extreme.

The alliance definition I was this site to focus on is related to the state of being related or connected. We are related or connected in the excitement, activity, rapidity or intense behavior of a topic of interest. This site is to be used to promote the goodness, in our furiousness, for humanity and the world. As an allied people we can be furious about changing the world to be a better place.

Feel free to use the services we provide you. We hope that the information you find, post and reply to is useful to many. We hope that you find new alliances that can help you i, n your daily life. Be furious in your alliance and use our forums, classifieds and blogs to bring that alliance together to make the world better.

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