Quandary About This Site

I’ve been wondering about how to move this site forward. The site needs to be having content daily and I’m not finding the time to do that. Should I use one of the author’s for hire sites and pay to have content added? If I do, how much do I budget for it? What is the experience of others who use such sites? And there is the social sites, how do I segregate this site from the others with the use of those social sites? Does the current theme work well for the site as far as flowing through it?

I will begin by looking at the author for hire sites and determine a budget for using one or more of them. I will make a copy of this site to perform theme comparison without disturbing the site users with changing themes. I will also look at tools that tell me how the people are using this site. Are they coming to it and just leaving or are they truly interested in the articles of the site.

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